Capture Travel Data

Traxo CAPTURE delivers booking data to your applications, with the leading parsing technology to transform emails from airlines, hotels, car rental agencies, and many more into normalized, structured data.

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Explore the Traxo CAPTURE parsing engine

Capture Every Booking Every Time

Add your customers’ travel booking data to your apps.

Transform travel booking and hotel folio emails from text, html, or PDF format to JSON. Automatically parse emails from thousands of booking sources with results delivered in seconds. Manual parsing backup delivers complete supplier coverage so valid emails are never missed.

See how Traxo Capture transforms your travel booking data into structured JSON for any application.

Simple Options for Applications

Parsing Plans

Flexible email parsing plans depending on your application’s needs.


Get started with Traxo CAPTURE parsing, with a few free parses each day.

  • Automated parsing for 100s of supported suppliers worldwide
  • Includes travel bookings and hotel folios
  • Provision unlimited developer mailboxes
  • Results delivered in seconds
  • Webhooks
  • API access
  • Support over email and chat


Add manual parsing assist for complete coverage of all your travel data.

All Free features, plus:

  • Manually assisted parsing fallback
  • Inbox scanning
  • Custom parser development available
  • Onboarding support
  • Traxo Marketplace presence
    (coming soon)


Intelligently group reservations into itineraries with Traxo TripBuilder

All Standard features, plus:

  • Consolidated itinerary objects with Traxo’s proprietary Trip Builder processing
  • Premium APIs for member and trip management
  • Complete onboarding guidance and support

Capture From Any Source

Support for thousands of booking sources, thousands of templates, and growing

Traxo CAPTURE supports over 4,000 email formats from hundreds of suppliers, online travel agencies, and TMCs -- in 20+ languages -- with our automatic email parsing. Coverage expands with more airlines, hoteliers, car rental agencies, and more added every week.

Found a rare format that Traxo Capture doesn’t yet support? Contact our team for custom parser development.

… and hundreds more.

Deliver, Process, Results

Traxo powers each step to acquire data for your applications

Choose from a variety of options to deliver emails. Traxo parses both travel bookings and hotel folio documents. Receive your data from Traxo in real-time or grab it using our API.

Data Input

  • Custom Mailboxes
  • Inbox Scanning


  • Travel Bookings
  • Hotel Folios

Data Output

  • Webhooks for real-time
  • GET via the Traxo API

Itineraries with TripBuilder

Go beyond email parsing with enriched, sequenced, de-duped, and beautiful itineraries

Traxo’s proprietary Trip Builder automatically combines multiple parses into logical trips. This enables Traxo to manage the master itinerary before, during, and after travel. Use the Traxo API to access all trips, segments and traveler information.

Keeping it Safe

Traxo is serious about data security and privacy for customers and travelers

Traxo has robust practices and procedures utilizing monitoring solutions to prevent and eliminate attacks across all of our services. The infrastructure is hosted at cloud service providers that are audited and certified against industry standards. Traxo is Privacy Shield certified and uses technologies like encryption and multi-factor authentication (MFA) extensively to protect sensitive data.

Learn more about Traxo data security or check on our current infrastructure status.

A Proven Platform

Case Studies

Customers across multiple industries win with Traxo CAPTURE email parsing.

Cornerstone Information Systems

Traxo was the only one to meet the needs with the types of data we needed, and the ability to quickly and accurately parse the data.

Rock Blanco

Senior Vice President @ Cornerstone Information Systems


During my initial research, I conducted an online chat with a Traxo rep who responded quickly. We jumped on a call the next day and our engineers started running through the API docs. Within a week we were up and running. It was very easy.

Ted Power

Co-founder @ Abacus


The Traxo email parsing solution has really helped us fill gaps and has allowed us to access itinerary details for off-platform corporate bookings

Chris Brozenick

Vice president of Product Strategy @ iJet