Get Started With Traxo Capture

Forward us any travel booking confirmation email, from virtually any source, and Traxo CAPTURE will parse it into JSON for your application. It’s free to get started!

Step 1

Register as a developer

Visit the Traxo Developer Center to sign up. After registering you’ll receive a confirmation that your first app has been created. Be sure to also respond to the account activation email.

Step 2

Provision your app

From your list of applications, click ‘View’ to see your new app’s unique client ID and client secret. You will also need to create a developer mailbox via our API. Use these credentials with your favorite API testing app. We’re big fans of Postman.

Step 3

Send your first emails

Forward your reservation emails to your developer mailbox. Traxo’s free plan includes a daily allotment of free parses through our automated channel.

Need some sample emails to get you started? Download a set here.

Download: Sample Reservation Emails (Zip)

Step 4

Get parsing results

Automated parsing results will arrive in approximately 5 seconds. Traxo CAPTURE recognizes reservations from thousands of sources, including airlines, hotels, car rental agencies, OTAs, and more. If the parsed results didn’t arrive as expected, tell us. We want to know!

For more details on parsing travel booking emails and hotel folios with Traxo CAPTURE, take a look at our API documentation.

Ready to parse? Register now.