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Traxo manages the data, so you can manage your customers and employees, anywhere they travel.

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A billion travel data points a day. No master plan. Until now.

Powerful itinerary management and loyalty tracking technology integrates with your travel management, expense management, and travel booking tools for both corporate and leisure travel.

For a superior user experience across web and mobile, simplified tracking of off-platform bookings and integrated expense reporting, as well as enhanced customer service and targeted merchandising opportunities, Traxo technology has you covered. See what you’ve been missing.

Email Parsing

Book anywhere and get automatically updated itineraries in minutes. Forward confirmation emails for any travel plans to a custom “” email address, and Traxo parses and responds with structured travel data for each booking. Integrate results into your own website or mobile app experience.

Email parsing is available at three levels:

  • Free

    Get hands-on experience trying Traxo Email Parsing at no cost. Developers get 100 free parses each day. Sign up at the Traxo Developer Center and get started.

  • Basic

    Send emails via forwarding or the Traxo API to transform unstructured messages into structured data within seconds at production scale. Learn more about Basic Email Parsing at the Traxo Developer Center.

  • Integrated

    Present a comprehensive master itinerary that includes all travel segments in one place, with full-service itinerary processing and normalization of travel data. Contact us for more information about Integrated Email Parsing.

One platform. Endless possibilities.

Offer your customers a robust way to manage their travel plans with the Traxo White Label or API solutions.

  • White Label Web App

    A turnkey suite of itinerary management and loyalty tracking tools using your branding and style guides for a consistent user experience with your site.

  • White Label Mobile App

    Serve your customers while they’re traveling with a white label itinerary management app customized to your brand identity. Available for iOS and Android.

  • The Traxo API

    Integrate your users’ travel itineraries, travel expenses, and loyalty program data with any of your applications.

  • Traxo Connect

    An open platform enabling corporations to gain visibility into their supplier-direct travel bookings.

Travel Data Solutions

The Traxo technology platform is as flexible as it is powerful. Comprehensive itinerary management. Seamless travel expense integration. Enhanced customer service. Superior data capture. Traxo helps you do it all. See how.

  • Expand your service in consumer travel.

    Looking for a new way to drive customer engagement with your brand? With Traxo, you can offer your customers and members a one-stop-shop to manage all their travel reservations – directly on their custom website or mobile app. Gain deeper insight into customers’ travel preferences and deliver a high-quality brand experience beyond a single booking.

  • 360° support for your travelers with agent support tool integration.

    Empower front-line support teams with a comprehensive view of all travelers’ plans, regardless of where they’ve booked. Traxo gives your agents, concierges, and travel counselors visibility into your customers’ complete itinerary, so you can tailor support and recommendations more effectively and efficiently.

  • Easy travel expense integration.

    Save time and hassle by automatically importing travel items into your expense reporting tool. Less time filing travel expenses means more time doing business.

  • Close the loop on open booking.

    Managing a whole squadron of frequent business travelers? Transform out-of-network bookings from a hassle to a feature. Traxo organizes and aggregates business travel itineraries for you and your employees – regardless of where they booked.

Trusted in travel and expense

Traxo clients span a range of industries, from corporate travel management to expense management applications to consumer travel and concierge services -- and more.

What can Traxo do for you?

Let Traxo guide you to the best solution for your objectives, whether it’s our turn key white label, our email parsing, travel expense data, API tools, or a combination thereof. Email us at, or fill out the form below.

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If you’re a developer interested in our API solutions, visit our Developer Center where you can register for access credentials.