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Traxo fuses the travel industry’s most advanced parsing engine with powerful itinerary management and the ultimate travel data API.

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Capture travel data

Traxo CAPTURE parses, normalizes, and structures travel data from thousands of airlines, hotels, car rental agencies, OTAs, and many more. With the Traxo CAPTURE API, that data is now available to you. Register as a developer to discover how you can power your applications with Traxo CAPTURE.

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Capture and convert any travel booking email to JSON in seconds, with Traxo CAPTURE.
All of your business travel bookings – whether on-platform or off, can be sorted, searched, mapped, and more, with Traxo CONNECT.

For Travel and Expense Managers

Complete the picture of your business travel

Traxo CONNECT captures all on and off-platform business travel bookings. Corporations – with or without managed travel programs – gain comprehensive visibility into employee travel plans before trips begin and achieve new insights into their overall travel spending.

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Let Traxo guide you to the best solution for your objectives for email parsing, travel expense data, itinerary generation, API tools, or a combination thereof. Click here to reach us anytime. Or email us at

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