Traxo for Program Compliance

Resolve non-compliant bookings as they happen.

Eliminate your compliance headaches with truly comprehensive pre-trip travel data, delivered in real-time.

Identify Program Gaps

Stay ahead of every trip.

All corporate travel programs experience leakage. Even a few missed bookings can create endless travel management headaches from unnecessary risk, poor spend management, and missed savings.

Traxo enables you to fulfill program compliance by delivering all of your bookings in real-time, before travel occurs, no matter where they’re booked.

Decide With Data

Program compliance realized.

With comprehensive, pre-trip booking data, sources of program leakage are easily identified. When employees book outside of preferred channels, Traxo sees every trip booked and every dollar spent before travel, enabling travelers to proactively address compliance gaps. Leakage: solved.

Total Trip Visibility

Companies must provide duty of care for all trips. Traxo delivers complete booking details to your dashboard within seconds of purchase. Now you can provide quality duty of care – even for bookings outside of your TMC.

Proactive Spend Analysis

Improve budgeting and spend management with detailed and complete data capture. Robust travel spend insights on all bookings enable you to correct policy violations before trips occur.

Pre-emptive Policymaking

Help employees make compliant decisions when they book. With Traxo pre-trip spend and itinerary visibility, travel teams can implement more flexible booking policies – knowing that any policy outliers can be corrected in real-time.

Manage With Confidence

Explore Traxo.

Whether you have multiple TMCs, or no TMC at all, Traxo provides the all-inclusive travel data required for optimal program management and compliance. Contact us to learn more.