New Distribution Capability

NDC impacts the entire corporate travel industry. Get ready with Traxo.

With Traxo’s comprehensive booking visibility, your team can access booking details, even when employees book directly with preferred airlines.

Data Access is the Key

Capture airline reservation information, no matter what.

TMCs that only support EDIFACT inventory are losing bookings to NDC-enabled channels offered by suppliers who can offer more personalized options to business travelers. While this shift would typically cause travel buyers concern, Traxo ensures you get the booking information you need to keep travelers safe and manage expenses, regardless of how or where travel is booked.

How we capture the travel booking details you need for NDC coverage.

Captured in Seconds

Traxo identifies flight bookings as they come in, extracting booking details while respecting employee privacy.

Quick Set-Up

Traxo can be deployed in just 30 minutes with usually less than 3 hours of IT involvement.

Peace of Mind

Traxo’s visibility provides insight into travel, enhancing safety, oversight, and savings.

We know how crucial NDC is to your travel program.

Aligned with our mission to empower travel management professionals with the knowledge and oversight necessary to provide exceptional service, we created—a centralized resource for updates on the global transition to NDC.

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Stay ahead of the curve with Traxo.

Traxo is the forward-focused data solution your team needs to ensure employee safety, manage expenses and travel budgets, and provide comprehensive travel program oversight. For a free consultatoin with a Traxo data expert, please fill out the form below.