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Traxo Brand Assets

Designed for Success


Traxo Console

Primary Color Palette

  1. Electric Blue
  2. Electric Purple
  3. Jet Black
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The Traxo Media Kit includes the Traxo logotype in PNG and SVG formats, product imagery, and staff photos.

Automated Access to Corporate Travel Data

About Traxo

Traxo is the world’s only provider of real-time corporate travel data capture, eliminating travel program blind spots by automatically capturing employee travel bookings from any source in one placeā€”no behavior change required. All on- and off-channel bookings are combined into actionable reports, enabling full visibility for data-driven travel policy updates, improved travel program compliance, new savings opportunities, comprehensive duty of care and greater traveler satisfaction.

Traxo APIs also allow travel managers to securely distribute travel data to trusted industry service providers and their favorite BI tools.

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