Traxo for Travel Management Companies

Full booking visibility. Complete client support.

Provide enhanced duty of care coverage and comprehensive travel analytics to your clients, regardless of their travelers’ booking channels.

Complete Program Intelligence

Deliver the bookings your clients can’t see.

TMCs are trusted booking platforms that mandate clients’ policies and rates but no program can guarantee 100% compliance. When a traveler books outside your platform, their travel is invisible to you, and to your client.

Traxo captures these invisible outside bookings instantly, standardizes the data, and integrates it seamlessly with bookings on your platform. When your clients can identify and act on outside bookings in real-time, they can improve traveler compliance within the TMC platform.

Fully Featured

The control center for a crisis.

When the unforeseen occurs, Traxo already knows where your business travelers have been, where they are now, and where they’re going next, so you can respond to the unexpected immediately.

Enhanced duty of care

You can’t protect the travelers you don’t see. With Traxo, your clients will never have to wonder where their travelers have been, are currently, and plan to go next.

Comprehensive travel data analytics

With Traxo, you can provide clients with complete travel data, regardless of booking channel, for accurate expense reporting and informed supplier negotiations.

Travel data for third-party suppliers

With Traxo for TMCs, you can automatically send travel data to the duty of care partners you work with, in real-time, including ISOS and Crisis24.

Intelligent Travel Management

Traxo partners with the world’s leading TMCs.

To provide the expected standard of total booking visibility for their clients, the leading TMCs rely on Traxo.

American Express GBT Fox World Travel The Advantage Travel Partnership Win Global Travel Network

Empower Your Clients With Complete Data

Partner with Traxo.

Are you ready to partner with Traxo to provide complete booking visibility, enhanced duty of care, and reporting capabilities to your TMC clients? Talk to our experts today about Traxo for TMCs.