Traxo for Folio Parsing

Automated folio processing, no manual reporting required.

Traxo enables expense companies and other applications to easily access travel data and provide quick invoice itemization to their clients.

Folio Processing Made Simple

Goodbye, tedious expense reporting.

There is no need to build expensive data parsers or connect to complicated industry APIs. Traxo enables expense companies and travel dashboard and expense tracking apps to automate folio processing. Pass time-savings onto your business traveler customers and AP departments!

Automated and secure folio parsing is finally at your fingertips.

Parsing in Seconds

Once receipts are sent, Traxo parses folio line items instantly!

Quick Onboarding

Enjoy our easy-to-use console to view all activity and results from day one.

Highly Secure

Traxo follows ISO 27001 standards to ensure your data is safe.

Expense reporting made easy.

Traxo automatically extracts all folio line items so business travelers don’t have to — creating clear expense categories including hotel and car rental rates, Wi-Fi, parking, VAT, meals, and other charges. Learn more about Traxo’s email parsing APIs.

Transform unstructured folio data into structured data with Traxo.

Traxo can consume folios in multiple formats, including plain text emails, HTML emails and PDFs, and parse invoice details from 100,000+ hotel and car rental locations, with more added all the time. Invoice details are transformed into standardized JSON for your applications.

Simply, email your hotel and car rental receipts to Traxo to experience tremendous time-savings and automation.

Trusted by leading expense companies.

Why start from scratch? Traxo provides the technology your business needs for automated folio processing. Just ask our clients.

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Delight your users by saving them time on folio parsing today!

Traxo makes expense management more efficient, detailed, and accurate than ever before possible, enabling expense teams to finally capture and analyze those pesky hotel and car invoice line items with ease. To get started, fill out the form below.