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Traxo FILTER automatically captures your company’s off-channel corporate travel booking and spend data, no matter where employees book.

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Explore the features of Traxo FILTER

Traxo FILTER Features

Real-time detection for out-of-program bookings

Track every booking – seamless and friction-free

Traxo FILTER is a secure, server-based email filter that automatically detects travel confirmation and folio emails as they are received.

Compatible with Microsoft and Google Suite email servers

Traxo FILTER integrates with the most popular corporate email server platforms: Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 or Google G Suite.

Real-time insight into off-channel business travel activity

Stop flying blind. Traxo FILTER detects your company’s ‘invisible’ off-channel travel activity in real time.

Keeping your IT security team happy

Traxo FILTER takes less than 30 minutes for your IT team to set up. They retain complete control and visibility with security and activity tracking.

Support for 1000s of travel suppliers

Traxo FILTER goes beyond simply the top 10 travel providers. It automatically captures bookings made with 1000s of travel suppliers worldwide.

Available bundled with Traxo CONNECT

Your first Traxo FILTER license is included with Traxo CONNECT, giving corporate travel managers the widest off-channel booking coverage plus dashboard and reporting tools.

How Traxo FILTER Works

Automatic booking knowledge

  1. An employee makes an off-channel booking using their work email address.

  2. The supplier sends the reservation confirmation email to the employee.

  3. Your corporate email server, configured with Traxo FILTER, assesses whether the incoming email is a travel booking.

  4. If an email matches the Traxo FILTER rule set, a copy of the travel booking is sent to Traxo, while the employee receives their confirmation email as normal.

  5. Traxo processes the email and instantly uploads the data to the Traxo CONNECT dashboard and linked downstream services, e.g. Duty of Care, Expense Management, Travel Management, and Business Intelligence tools.

  6. With Traxo CONNECT, Travel Managers can quickly and easily see where employees are traveling and how much they’re spending – even when they’ve booked off-channel.

Built for the Enterprise

Traxo FILTER vs. Inbox Scanning

Traxo offers a few methods to automatically capture travel booking data. Understanding the differences and where they are most appropriate is important.

Traxo FILTER Traxo Inbox Scanning
Implemented and managed by your corporate IT department Individuals opt-in with their own personal email account (currently supports Gmail)
Best for enterprises that need a complete view of employee travel Best for service providers working directly with individual travelers (e.g., leisure travel)
No emails are sent to Traxo until verified at the email server as a travel booking No emails are sent to Traxo until verified at the email server as a travel booking
Booking data is available in real-time Traxo checks daily for new bookings
Bundled with Traxo CONNECT Available as an add-on to Traxo CAPTURE

Automatically Capture Every Corporate Booking

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